The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL) is an independent nonprofit working across Estonia. EKYL’s mission is to support the development of cooperative housing through the implementation of knowledge-based activities as training, consulting, advisory services, research, national and international cooperation projects.

EKYL has a training Centre for Apartment Associations, developing curriculas and offering trainings for managers, board members and apartment owners/ tenants through classroom lectures/seminars, e-learning courses and study visits.

EKYL is involved in shaping housing policy agendas, and observe and contribute to  the development of legislative and other acts of law in the field of sustainable development and housing in Estonian and European level.

EKYL’s involvement in SHEERenov activities is related to support in adaptation of good practices and know-how transfer in regard to professional management of energy efficiency renovation of multifamily buildings, capacity raising through adequate trainings and supporting the professional guild (BGFMA) in Bulgaria for the purpose of continuity and sustainability in providing such services beyond project end.

EKYL has in-depth knowhow about energy-efficiency situation and problems in multi-apartment buildings in Eastern Europe post-soviet countries as well as good networking experience in those counties for dissemination of project results.


10141 Tallinn, Estonia
23A, Sakala Str.
Tel: +372 627 5740
E-mail: anu.sarnet@ekyl.ee
Website: www.ekyl.ee