Cleantech Bulgaria

Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network for clean technology, innovation and sustainable development. The organization is working actively to introduce resource-efficient solutions leading to a shift to new business models, such as the low carbon and circular economy.

Cleantech Bulgaria is a catalyst for innovative solutions and a trusted partner of the business, public administration, science and education.

Cleantech has been designated as coordinator of SHEERenov due to its experience in management of similar European projects. As coordinator of the SHEERenov project, Cleantech is the Lead Partner in the Project Management and Coordination. CLT will manage all the financial issues and will advise all partners in order to meet all the EC administrative and financial requirements. CLT will be in charge of organizational issues, arranging the details of the project meetings (including the agenda) in a timely manner.


1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
32G, Cherni Vrah Bvld.
Tel: +359 888 256 123