Bulgarian – Austrian Consultancy Company JSC:

The BULGARIAN-AUSTRIAN CONSULTANCY COMPANY JSC (BACC JSC) is specialized in providing support and consulting services in the areas of energy efficiency and housing policy, development and management of projects financed by the European structural and investment funds (ESIF), strategic planning and technical assistance.

BACC is an SME with good understanding of both – the market and technical aspects of the EE renovation of MFB and proven experience in research, development and implementation of innovation in this value chain.

BACC JSC is a project promoter, provider of specialized EE services, collaborator with the professional managers of MFB and the company in charge to draw up a potential business model in collaboration with future partners from the roaster of professional managers. The company will be the main partner, responsible for channeling of the renovation process into standard procedures.

Further in the course of project implementation, BACC JSC will be the main initiator and driver of the substantive work with the homeowners’ communities.


1000 Sofia; Bulgaria
1, Dobrudja St. office 7
Tel:    +359 2 987 18 99