On April 20, 2021 from 10:00 to 13:00, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Embassy of France in Bulgaria organize a webinar on energy efficiency as an element of the policy for Green Transition and the challenges faced by Bulgarian local authorities: “Sustainable recovery through energy efficiency of buildings”.

Thanks to the Lithuanian Government’s ambitious Energy Efficiency (EE) renovation programme, which uses ERDF financial instruments, more than 3 000 multi-apartment buildings have been renovated so far in the country, while more than 1 000 projects are in various stages of preparation. Cold and badly isolated homes, a well-known problem in Lithuania for years, are

Tzveta Naniova, Executive Director of BACC, about the technical passports of the residential buildings in Bulgaria in an interview to Bloomberg TV. Watch the interview here: The problem is not with the buildings’ passports but with the prescriptions to follow afterwards. https://www.bloombergtv.bg/a/16-biznes-start/90657-samo-izdavaneto-na-tehnicheski-pasporti-na-sgradite-nyama-da-bade-dostatachno?fbclid=IwAR02vW_pWPBHP5M-3Mf32h1x-zuBE2r7iHJPj2MYFJ2HHMKbUWFY926vJYg

“The single-family buildings in Bulgaria make half of the inhabited all year round housing in the country. Yet, there has been no public support for the renovation of single-family buildings. Bulgaria is last in Europe on this indicator, while the process is advancing in many countries, including neighboring ones. I hope that the renovation of

The project was developed by the Ministry of Energy, together with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development, the Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Strategy for housing renovation comes expected and as а good

Mrs. Mariyana Hamanova from Cleantech Bulgaria and Mrs. Dima Lekova from the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, made a thorough presentation of the #SHEERenov Project during the online conference “The new technologies supporting housing energy efficiency and renovation: the TRANSFORM model”.The conference was organized by Sofia Development Agency and took place on

BGFMA presented “SHEERenov – Seamless Services for Housing Energy Efficiency and Renovation” at #ForumReal – the most significant virtual real estate, investments and innovations Forum with more than 30,000 virtual attendees from Bulgaria. Participants in the presentation: Ivan Velkov – Chair, BGFMA Tzveta Naniova – Board member, BGFMA Denitza Ilieva – Executive Director, BGFMA

Представяме Ви становище на БАКЕП по Програмата за Енергийна ефективност в рамките на Плана за възстановяване и устойчивост (ПВУ)https://www.bakep.org/predlozheniya…/trgr-drugi-21-27.htmlАкценти:България е обещала 85% от спестяванията на въглеродни емисии от сградния фонд за периода до 2030 година да дойдат от подобрена енергийна ефективност на жилищни сгради. За да се случи това, трябва поне 26 хиляди сгради (еднофамилни

SHEERenov objective is to develop and test a model for the provision of integrated residential renovation services on the territory of Sofia in Bulgaria. The implementation of this project will support the Bulgarian Government’s intended transition from the current multifamily buildings energy efficiency renovation model, financed fully from public resources and administered entirely by public