A leading role in the SHEERenov project proposed for the renovation of multifamily residential buildings for energy efficiency is played by the figure of the “Specialized Intermediary” – a partnership between a company for professional management of multifamily residential buildings and an energy efficiency consultant. In this regard, the Bulgarian Facility Management Association and the

A two-day modular training of trainers was held on the topic “Professional management of the renovation process – capacity building, modular training program for managers of condominium buildings”. The training programs were developed by the Estonian project partner EKIL based on their experience in training professional managers of multi-family residential buildings. Representatives of the Project

The Project “Integrated services for energy renovation of residential buildings – SHEERenov” – Horizon 2020 is at the stage of implementation of activities related to the selection of residential buildings for their further participation in the project. The interest in the Project is significant. 76 applications for participation from condominiums in buildings inhabited by 2,230

On December 2, a working discussion was held on the topic: “PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT OF RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS – THE NEED FOR RENOVATION FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY”, organized by BGFMA, EnEffect, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, AUER, Sofia Municipality. The event was organized within the project “Integrated services for housing renovation SHEERenov”. You can watch

The Engagement Toolkit as per Deliverable SHEERenov D5.3. – Toolkits for standardizing EE comprehensive renovation of Multi-family buildings is available here.

Housing2030 study led by Housing Europe, UNECE and UN-Habitat that looks at land policy, decarbonisation of homes, sustainable finance and better governance while ensuring housing affordability was officially launched on October 2021. The report explores housing affordability challenges and existing policy instruments for improving housing affordability and facilitates the exchange and dissemination of good practices.

The collection of Applications for participation of condominiums in the project SHEERenov has started. Applications are submitted to the district administrations – Nadejda, Ilinden, Sredetz, Traiditza, Oborishte, Slatina, Mladost, and Novi Iskar. More information on the conditions for participation can be found below. A sample Application and the accompanying Minutes of the General Meeting of