Information event for condominium managers

The Project “Integrated services for energy renovation of residential buildings – SHEERenov” – Horizon 2020 is at the stage of implementation of activities related to the selection of residential buildings for their further participation in the project. The interest in the Project is significant. 76 applications for participation from condominiums in buildings inhabited by 2,230 households have been submitted. After on-site inspections and surveys among the owners, 54 buildings were selected to continue working together on the project.

As a first step in this direction, we are organizing an information event for the house managers of these buildings. It will be held on March 14, 2022 with the following agenda:

1. Information on the progress of the project, including the presentation of the results of the inspections of the buildings and the conducted surveys.

2. Next steps on the Project, forthcoming actions.

3. Discussion related to the organization of the meetings in the condominium to present the prepared preliminary estimates for the renovation of the buildings.

4. Discuss financial issues, including those related to socially vulnerable owners and “energy poor” households.

5. Discussion related to the conditions to be met by the condominiums in order to prepare Energy Performance Surveys of their buildings, funded by the SHEERenov Project.

The event can be followed online through the FACEBOOK profile of the Project.

The project “Integrated services for housing renovation” Seamless services for Housing Energy Efficiency RENOVation (SHEERenov / Project) is funded by the program “Horizon 2020” in order to develop and test a sustainable model for providing integrated services for housing renovation in Sofia , which, subsequently, to be reproduced in other cities in the country. SHEERenov will support the process of changing the model from 100% public support to a market-oriented model with co-financing. Under the project, 30-40 condominiums will be prepared (free of charge for citizens) for energy efficiency renovations of their buildings, namely: they will receive organizational and technical support, including energy efficiency audits (OEE) and a prescription for the package of necessary measures.