Energy-saving renovation in Lithuania

Thanks to the Lithuanian Government’s ambitious Energy Efficiency (EE) renovation programme, which uses ERDF financial instruments, more than 3 000 multi-apartment buildings have been renovated so far in the country, while more than 1 000 projects are in various stages of preparation.

Cold and badly isolated homes, a well-known problem in Lithuania for years, are just a bad memory for over 100 000 families who can now enjoy the new comfort level of their homes while making 50 to 70% savings on their heating bills.

“Heating bills amount to only EUR 24 per flat during the colder months and hot water and air-conditioning is nearly free of charge during the summer,” says Valius Rudys, the administrator of the multi-apartment community “Pušis”. In 2019 the renovation of the building, on Kosmonautų Street in Marijampolé, the seventh-largest city in Lithuania, was named best renovation project of the year 2019 in Lithuania.

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