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SHEERenov National Event in Bulgaria will take place on 23 July 2021, from от 9.30a.m. till 4p.m. in Intercontinental Sofia hotel. The partner organizations from Hungary and Estonia will present the successful models for energy efficiency renovation in multifamily buildings from their countries, also known as European good practices, and they will make proposals with

BACC, partner in the SHEERenov project, has finalized a consolidated situation analyses report according to WP2, D2.3. of the project Work Plan. This report will be a starting point for development of a model for providing integrated services for renovation of multifamily residential buildings in Bulgaria. You may read the Report here.

BGFMA joined a joint declaration by non-governmental organizations, business associations and experts on the project “Energy efficiency in buildings” of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria. The focus on the renovation of the buildings is correct, but an IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN THE MECHANISM OF FINANCING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECTS is

On May 14th, BGFMA submitted to Minister Atanas Pekanov – Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds Management, Minister Violeta Komitova – Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, and Minister Andrey Zhivkov – Minister of Energy, a proposal on the Reform “Servicing a counter ”in Pillar 2: Green Bulgaria of the Recovery and Sustainability on

National Roundtable on Financing Investments inenergy efficiency in Bulgaria CLIMATE AND ENERGY: POLICIES AND FINANCIAL MECHANISMS FORSUSTAINABLE RECOVERY IN THE NEW PLANNING PERIOD 19 May 2020Sofia, Intercontinental Hotel, 4 National Assembly Sq. Vision: As part of the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative, the European Commission has organised a series of “Sustainable Energy Investment Forums”

On April 20, 2021 from 10:00 to 13:00, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Embassy of France in Bulgaria organize a webinar on energy efficiency as an element of the policy for Green Transition and the challenges faced by Bulgarian local authorities: “Sustainable recovery through energy efficiency of buildings”.

Thanks to the Lithuanian Government’s ambitious Energy Efficiency (EE) renovation programme, which uses ERDF financial instruments, more than 3 000 multi-apartment buildings have been renovated so far in the country, while more than 1 000 projects are in various stages of preparation. Cold and badly isolated homes, a well-known problem in Lithuania for years, are

Tzveta Naniova, Executive Director of BACC, about the technical passports of the residential buildings in Bulgaria in an interview to Bloomberg TV. Watch the interview here: The problem is not with the buildings’ passports but with the prescriptions to follow afterwards.